What Makes Willow Babes Special?

Many things, but in brief we are experienced and we are enthusiastic.  Our methodology fits with latest techniques, standards and research into childhood development.  Our classes are small and held in the warm comfortable pool in the private setting of Willow Lodge. Willow Babes is also recognised as a STA Swim Star Swim School and have their STA Mark of approval. Most of all we CARE!
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The room is so big, the room is so loud!

There's so many things that I'm not allowed.

You say that If I'm good, that you'll be proud.

I'm not bad, I'm not naughty, nor a pain,

I'm nervous and need to relieve the strain!

It's all too much, I'm so full of fear.

If only you'd just let me step down a gear.

Can we sit on the pool edge, play til i'm ready,

I'll watch, listen, and splash real steady.

Don' push, I only know that I'm safe with you.

Why do you hold me tight are you scared too?

Closeness, smiles, self discovery is all I need

Your love and patience will help me to succeed.

Take me to the waters edge and let me see...

In my own time, just how much fun there can be...

Emma Holden

In My Own Time


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

Ralph Waldo Emerson



C/O Willow Lodge, Halifax Road, Hoylandswaine, S36 7EY

01226 812003

07912 087067

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